Get Involved

Getting involved with the MMMP could mean volunteering, presenting information at program meetings, joining a local MMMP advisory council, donating financially or sponsoring events.


There are many volunteer opportunities available with the Massachusetts Money Management Program including:

  • Bill payer
  • Monthly account monitor
  • Office assistant
  • Outreach assistant
  • Special projects

What we offer volunteers:

  • The opportunity to utilize and build on current skills, and learn new ones
  • The opportunity to help community members in a meaningful way
  • A flexible schedule, often with hours outside of the typical workday
  • Thorough training
  • In service support through meetings, trainings, and resources
  • Opportunities to network with other like-minded people at events and meetings

A few hours a month of your time could keep one of your neighbors from being evicted, becoming the victim of financial fraud, or losing their independence.  As a volunteer bill payer, you would be matched with an individual who wants help organizing bills, creating a budget, and getting the monthly bills paid.  You will also use your training and knowledge to steer vulnerable individuals away from scams and fraud. Email or call your local ASAP or the Statewide Money Management Program Coordinator to learn more about volunteer opportunities in your area. To find your local ASAP, click on ASAP Search.

Support your local MMP with a donation

Local Money Management Programs benefit greatly from donations of any size. Donations are used for general operating costs, volunteer training, technology improvements, volunteer recognition events and special projects.

To donate to a local MMP, find your local ASAP on the ASAP Search page. You can donate directly through their website or by calling the ASAP.

Why should your bank get involved with the MMMP?

Massachusetts banks can benefit themselves and their customers when they get involved with the MMMP.

An affiliation with the Massachusetts Money Management Program:

  • Demonstrates an active interest in the elders and disabled adults in the community.
  • Provides a companion program to the Bank Reporting Project, further reducing the incidence of financial abuse.
  • Provides CRA credits and stimulates volunteerism within the bank, augmenting CRA credit.
  • Provides the bank and its employees access to a program coordinator who is up to date on elder financial fraud and scams.
  • Provides the bank with a “trusted contact” if no other contact is available for the elder.

Customers who participate in the Massachusetts Money Management Program:

  • Have less need for customer service assistance at the bank.
  • Have better relationships with their banks due to fewer overdrafts.
  • Have a reduced chance of being financially exploited.